1. How can we know more about the competition eligibility criteria and other details?

For detailed information, please refer to the design brief pdf listed under ‘resources’ on the design brief page of our website. Click here to go to the Design Brief page.

2. What is the submission date for the design entries?

The submission date for the design entries is Sunday, 9th August 2020 till 23:59 (IST). This will give you a total of 48 days from 23rd June to 9th August 2020 to work on your designs.

3. Is there a registration fee?

No. Teams do not need to pay any registration fee to take part in the Entekochi Urban Design Competition.

4. What is the minimum number of people you can have on your team?

You can have a minimum of 3 members on your team of which 1 team member needs to qualify all criteria to be the lead member (i.e. for stream 1). We highly recommend that you also have members on your team who qualify for the criteria of Stream 2 and Stream 3, ensure a multidisciplinary approach. All team members have to be mentioned by name in the registration form. Please refer to the eligibility criteria on the design brief page for more details.

5. Can we register as a firm?

Please register in the registration form with your individual name. If applicable, you can mention the name of your firm in brackets behind your name. 

6. What qualifies as relevant work experience?

Academic research projects will not be included under work experience, if they are done as part of a Bachelor or Master degree. However, PhD research experience can be counted as work experience.


If you are currently not running your own practice and are/were working in a firm then relevant work experience as part of projects you have undertaken individually or as part of other organisations will be considered.

7. Can we have an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) member on our team?

The stream 1 member of your team, who is participating in the process has to be Indian holding a PAN-card, an Aadhar card, an Indian bank account and be located in India.

Other team members can be either:

  • Indian nationals

  • OCI card holders

  • or Non-Indian professionals holding an Aadhar card/ PAN card and working in India.

Proofs have to be uploaded as part of the CVs.

8. What official registrations are valid for the competition? 

COA or ITPI are the official registrations required as per Government of Kerala rules for architecture and urban planning projects. 

9. Can we register with 3 members and then find and add members from Stream 2 and 3 later? 

No, unfortunately you cannot add any members after the registration is complete. However, Stream 2 and Stream 3 members are highly recommended, though not mandatory.

10. Do I need to have a registered company to participate?  

Kindly note, of the winning teams, at least one member per team, must be part of a registered Indian company/firm to engage in a contract for him/herself and the other team members.

Individual consultants contracted with GIZ cannot hire the services of another individual consultants and charge to GIZ.

11. How can we add more than 1 person’s details and CV under each stream?

You can only add details and CVs of one person per Stream. Other team members(regardless of what Stream they fall under)  must be listed by name only in the additional team members field, under Stream 1 of the registration form. 

12. Can Stream 2 and 3 members be part of more than 1 participating team?

No. Team members cannot be part of 2 teams simultaneously

13. What is the eligibility criteria for Stream 2 and Stream 3

For Stream 2 and Stream 3, you need to fill in either the degree qualification fields in the registration form OR the relevant work experience fields (should have a min 2 years).